12 Things You Should Know About the 2017 NEC Analysis of Changes

2017 NEC Analysis of Changes at CapitalTristate

12 Things You Should Know About the 2017 NEC Analysis of Changes

12 Things You Should Know About the 2017 NEC Analysis of Changes

The National Electrical Code (NEC®) has been updated to the latest iteration known as the 2017 edition.

CapitalTristate in conjunction with Wayne H. Robinson has prepared a fresh and new 2017 NEC Analysis of Changes course to keep you up-to-date.

Wayne is an industry expert, Master Electrician and Retired Chief Electrical Inspector. He will make understanding the changes easy and fun.

Many things are new or have changed significantly. Here are 12 major topics you need to know and can expect to be covered during the sessions.

1. There are new provisions for examination, identification, installation and the use of equipment which apply to used, refurbished, reconditioned or re-manufactured equipment.
2. The torque requirements for electrical connections are new and now require the use of torque tools.
3. Marketing requirements for reconditioned equipment have been changed.
4. Distance requirements for GFCI protection in dwellings are updated.
5. There are new GFCI provisions for non-dwelling crawl spaces and lighting outlets.
6. All new receptacle provisions for peninsular counter tops have been established.
7. Separately derived systems require revised provisions for grounding.
8. Services and feeders from 100 to 400 amperes have new requirements.
9. There are new Terminal Barrier requirements for service panel boards.
10. NFPA 99 have made changes to Article 517 Healthcare facilities.
11. Rapid Shutdown requirements for PV Systems have been changed.
12. When the emergency system is relying on a single alternate source of power, there are new provisions for temporary sources of power for maintenance or repair of the alternate source of power.

These and other major changes to the NEC® will have great impact on your work. Your knowledge of these significant changes to the 2017 NEC are critical to safety and success.

Electricians, contractors, engineers, designers, or plant/facility maintenance professionals can all benefit from this course. Attend this course and you will have an edge on your peers and competitors.


Registration is now open and the cost of this seminar includes a copy of the NEC® Analysis of Changes 2017 Edition textbook. Also, available for purchase on site is the all-new 2017 NFPA 70 NEC Book for only $89.

Did you know that this course also qualifies for 10 Credit Hours toward continuing education? It meets current requirements in the state of Delaware, the state of Maryland, and the following MD counties: Cecil, Harford, Prince George’s, Queen Anne, and Wicomico.

If scheduling is a challenge for you then CapitalTristate offers on-demand sessions. Please contact us to discuss a wide range of options that will suit your training needs.

We’ll see you in in the classroom starting February 2017.

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