3 Big Benefits of Having an Emergency Opening Service for Customers

closed_sign-blackMurphy’s Law states that “expect the worst to happen at the worst possible time”.  Contractors and other service industry professionals know this better than anyone else.  However, it is not usually possible for contractors and service professionals to carry every single possible part or product necessary to help fix any possible emergency problem.  They utilize distributors and vendors to pick up necessary products as needed.  Here are the 3 big benefits of having an Emergency Opening Service for your business that works with these contractors and service professionals.

3) Customer Confidence and Peace of Mind

Your customer’s customers can know that their contractor can handle problems 24/7 and get the job done.  Your customers are at ease knowing that they can get access to the products and tools they need at any time with one call.  All parties involved know the standard fee for the service, so there is no question or confusion about the added cost of this convenience.  When a contractor knows he has the ability to get what he needs when he needs it, he can focus on his work and taking care of his customers any time.

2) Emergencies Become Manageable

An emergency call is never a good thing to get.  However, once the emergency has happened, it’s happened.  It is then time to fix the problem as quickly and effectively as possible to minimize damages.  An Emergency Opening Service provides contractors and service personnel to have access to products and tools they need from your business at any time.  This allows quicker response, cleanup, and solving of the emergency issue.  Quicker fixes mean happier customers and less stressed out contractors.

1) Building and Strengthening a Partnership

As a distributor or vendor to business customers, your relationship with them is incredibly important.  If a vendor has a reputation for opening late or closing early, it will cost them business.  Contractors and service professionals need dependability out of their vendors.  This comes from an earned trust.  What better way to continue to earn their trust by having an Emergency Opening Service that allows them 24/7 access to the products they need?  By helping them in a desperate time of need situation, you are becoming an invaluable part of their business and what they do.  This bond strengthens with each helpful interaction, and the Emergency Opening Service is all about helping.

We are pleased to announce CapitalTristate’s Emergency Opening Service!

Ever find yourself in need of CapitalTristate stocked items, wire cutting and/or delivery outside our normal business hours? Call our toll free Emergency Opening Service Program number and get connected to your nearest CapitalTristate On-Call staff member. We are available day and night to get you what you need, when you need it!

For a standard fee, our Emergency Opening Service program is available for CapitalTristate customers anytime outside of normal business hours, including evenings, weekends, and even holidays!

We offer the following Emergency Opening Services:

  • Material Sales
  • Wire Cutting
  • Delivery

A live answering service takes your info and contacts the CapitalTristate On-Call employee who within minutes contacts you back and opens any one of our available CapitalTristate branches to serve your needs. Proof of company affiliation is required prior to Emergency Opening. Standard Fees Applies.

CapitalTristate Emergency Opening Service
Available Evenings, Weekends, & Holidays!
Call: 1-866-234-9471