3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice Movie Trailer

3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice Movie Trailer

This video is a movie trailer that will be taking us on a journey.  A journey detailing a new product called the 3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice.  What is it?  In short, it’s a system that provides the capability to quickly and effectively complete a medium voltage splice.  Want to see it in action?  Watch this video and be amazed and how quickly this product can be deployed.

If that wasn’t enough, then here’s a quite Feature/Benefit rundown:

Feature: Customized Factory-Installed Ground Braid
Benefit: Reduces Field Prep Time

Feature: Easy Pulling Installation Core
Benefit: Less Effort and Less Wear and Tear on Your Hands

Feature: Smooth-Edged Shielding
Benefit: Virtually No Fraying or Sharp Edges

Feature: Efficient Rejacketing Eliminates Additional Core
Benefit: Reduces Parking Space


3M products are available at http://capitaltristate.com – (800)-527-1051