5 Genius Ways Contractors are Beating The Competition

5 Genius Ways Contractors are Beating The Competition

The best contractors become the best by working harder and smarter than everyone else. Here’s how to work smarter to help you gain more customers & beat out your competition.


They don’t upsell, they present additional solutions.

The difference between trying to upsell a customer to make more money and presenting additional solutions to problems or wants they have is huge. If you present yourself as the solution to problems or wants that already exist, there is a natural match. You are the solution, and you are already on site and they trust you from other work you have done/are doing. Don’t be a pushy salesman, be a trustworthy problem solver!

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Their Business Has Reviews on All the Top Review Websites.

If a person is on a review website looking at reviews of businesses, there is a very good chance they are looking to hire someone. Very few human beings peruse contractor reviews for fun. Needless to say these people on these popular review websites are very hot leads. If you aren’t there, they won’t be calling you. Be there. Here’s a list of 15 of the most popular contractor review websites.

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They have tapped into their expanded personal network for more referrals.

We all know a few other human beings. Those people know a few people. Those people need the help of contractors from time to time. Have you let all your contacts know what business you are in? They will need to know to be able to refer you business. Social media is a great tool in getting your family & friends to help promote your business. The simple act of liking your Facebook business page can lead to new customers. It’s free to tap into your network, so make sure you do.

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Positioning themselves as experts on Social Media with blogs and a real presence.

Having a Facebook profile is not enough to bring in new customers. You need to position your business as experts in the industry. Do this by being active, showing off completed and work-in-progress projects, engaging others on each social media platform, and writing blogs to help your target customer learn more about solving their problems. The more you contribute to the social “world” in the form of photos, blogs and posts, the more you will be viewed as an expert by potential customers.

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Using Photos, Videos & Customer Testimonials to show off other projects to prospects.

The best “closers” make things simple. It’s hard to sell something that the buyer can’t physically see or feel. This tactic helps by showing off other similar projects your business has completed in photo and/or video. It also gives a testimonial from the customer, which gives you credibility. This can work with a digital device like an IPad or “the old fashioned way” with photos and handwritten testimonials. All that matters is that you can show off your work and be given credit for work well done.


Now that you know 5 Genius Ways Contractors are Beating The Competition, it’s time to go out and do it. Implement these tactics and let us know how you do!

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