5 Unwritten Social Media Rules for Contractors

5 Unwritten Social Media Rules for Contractors

Social Media can be an intimidating place for newcomers. The best way to learn is either by fire (experience) or education. Education can be in any form – a blog, an eBook, or through friends or family. Just don’t be caught breaking any of these 5 Unwritten Social Media Rules for Contractors when your business reputation is on the line!


There are many more than just these 5 unwritten social media rules, but this will give you a good start. Under no circumstances are you to break these rules. You will look out of place and like an amateur marketer or a company that hires sub par work. Stick to what works, like the suggestions in our blogs below each unwritten social media rule, and you will be successful.

  • Don’t send generic messages in private messages to anyone.

If you want to reach out to someone via private message on any social media network, do so with a custom message. You can still say hello, but start the conversation like you would if you were meeting them in person. This is no different, we are still communicating human being to human being.


  • Don’t auto post messages on other social networks.

This happens many times with automatic settings, so you will need to turn this option off in the settings of the social media culprit. No one on Twitter wants to see that you posted on Instagram. Take the time and post onto Twitter as well if you want to spread the message there. The same goes for YouTube. No one on any social media network wants an auto post from YouTube saying you posted a new video. They might want to see that new video, but they want it posted with a description on the social network they are currently on.


  • Please have a profile picture AND a background picture.

Businesses that don’t have a profile picture on their social media platform are considered out of business, lazy or unintelligent by people who view their profile. Don’t be that business. If there is a space for a background picture, like on Facebook & Twitter, please do that as well, for the same reasons as the profile picture. Take the time and make your online “store front” look nice. It matters.


  • 1-3 #hashtags MAX on any social media platform not named Instagram.

Just don’t do it. It looks desperate and needy. Be targeted and minimalist with your hashtags. Don’t get crazy and drop 7 #hashtags in a 140 character Twitter post. If you’re on Instagram, by all means, #HashtagAway #HashtagLife #InstaGood #SeeHowThisIsDesperate #SocialMedia #IsStillRealLife #Reality #Truth.


  • Speak when spoken to…

When someone mentions you in a conversation with others a few feet away, what do you do? Do you ignore it, keep your glance forward and never acknowledge your mention? Or do you take it as a sign that they want to include you in their conversation?

I can’t answer that question for you, but I can tell you that the same thing happens on social media all the time, and people choose the latter option. I’m not sure why anyone thinks it’s OK to ignore any messages or mentions that aren’t spam or sales related, but they do. If someone gives you a review, good or bad, respond! Be present & be aware. It’s SOCIAL Media, not Bulletin Board Media. Be social, be present, and you will be rewarded.

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