9 Shocking Truths About Electricians

9 Shocking Truths About Electricians

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the number of electricians in the United States at over 566,000. This noble and critical profession employs some of the hardest working individuals in the work force. Everyone knows being an electrician can be a dangerous job, but here are 9 shocking truths about electricians you might not know.


Electricians Risk Their Lives Most Days

Electric Hazards cause on average at least 1 death per day in the United States. Every 30 minutes a worker in the United States experiences an electrical injury that requires time off. One slip up or mistake can cost an electrician his or her life in an instant. Safety is paramount when it comes to being an electrician. Not only is the life of the electrician in the balance, but so are the lives of those who will use the electricity they are installing.

The Top 25% of Electricians Make Over $67,000 Annually, Over $32/Hour

This figure shows that in quality top line electricians make good money performing their craft. The median annual salary of electricians is around $51,000, above the average of many other blue collar jobs.

More Electricians & Electrical Companies Are Creating a Facebook Business Page Than Ever Before

Very few electricians and electrical companies put in the time & effort to have a Facebook presence in the past. That is changing in 2016 as the rest of the field is understanding how critical it is to have a social media presence. Happy customers will definitely take the time to leave testimonials on the contractor’s Facebook Page if it exists. The electricians that have a great Facebook page and update it regularly have a huge advantage over the rest of the field.


2,000 Workers are Hospitalized at Special Burn Trauma Centers for Arc Flash Injuries Every Year

These burns are serious and can cause permanent scarring or death. 21% of the injuries are permanent. As always with electricians, safety is paramount and can not be taken for granted.

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The Average Age of Licensed Electricians is 55

With many in the industry approaching 60 years old, a fresh new workforce will be needed in the near future. Electricians are in demand in many areas of the country. Qualified and quality electricians will always be in demand.

 9 States Have Less Than 3,000 Total Electricians and Need More

Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island & Delaware all have less than 3,000 electricians working in their state. These states have a smaller population to draw from and are having talent shortages when trying to grow.

 14 States Have Over 14,000 Electricians

California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia & Florida all have over 14,000 Electricians.


The Number of Electricians on Twitter is Growing Rapidly

As with Facebook, very few electricians and electrical companies have put in the time & effort to have a quality Twitter presence in the past. This is again changing as we move further along into 2016. Twitter is the place for people and businesses to get involved in the conversations happening in the world while staying updated on the issues and industry.  Those that have a good Twitter Account and update it regularly have a big advantage over the rest of the field.



Local, State & Federal Codes MUST Be Known & Practiced

If something isn’t up to code, not is it only most likely unsafe, but it is non compliant with the law. Electricians need to be regularly updating themselves on the National Electric Code, as well as other federal, state & city/county codes. Putting these rules and guidelines into practice is the best way to avoid problems.


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