Challenges Contractors Face Working in Multiple States

Challenges Contractors Face Working in Multiple States

State lines may be just lines on a map, but they have big implications on contractors. There are tens of thousands of contractors who operate within 25 miles of another state. In areas like the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic United States, there are contractors who operate in 3 or more states. Here are some challenges contractors face working in multiple states.


Different State, Different Standards

Codes & standards differ from town to town and county to county. They may differ greatly from state to state. This requires a contractor to do more research, more education & training and more work.

Distributor Proximity

It’s never a pleasure to be far from your home distributor. Many contractors who work in multiple states face this challenge often. It helps to have a distributor who has multiple locations in your service area. Always have a back up plan and know where the closest distributor is to you on all jobs.

Many distributors now have mobile apps that have location functions and can let you know availability of products at your desired location.

CapitalTristate has over 60 branches from Pennsylvania to South Carolina. CapitalTristate is a proud member of the Sonepar family. In the USA, Sonepar is represented by over 16 locally managed electrical and industrial distributors with over 700 locations and coverage in all 50 states. So there is always an electrical distributor near you!



Different states may require different licenses to operate within their borders. Keeping track of this can be troubling for contractors. However, it is a requirement to avoid costly issues and legal problems in the future.


Sales Tax

Sales Tax differs from county to county. It certainly differs from state to state. Collection policies also vary. Make sure you are aware of collection deadlines and apply the right sales tax to materials sold in different states.

Lack of Knowledge of Area

Everyone knows how to get around and where to go in their home area. When you work as a contractor in multiple states, you end up in areas you don’t know well. Using a smartphone helps, but is not an option for all contractors. Make sure you know the route and surrounding resources available to you in unknown areas.


Promoting your business is tricky enough in this digital age. Throw in the fact that you do business in multiple states, despite an address in your home base state, and you now have a potential problem. If customers don’t know you service their area and state, they may never contact you for a quote. It is imperative that you make potential customers aware of your service area and the states you operate in.

CapitalTristate is an Electrical Distributor in the Mid Atlantic.

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