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Generac Power For Profits Residential Standby Generator Training

Generac Power For Profits

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Do you have any technicians who need training on:

• The market for residential generators;
• The Generac Residential Generator product offering and the new developments in the line;
• How to determine what size of generator is appropriate;
• Understanding load shedding;
• Understanding back-up options;
• Understanding transfer switch connections; and,
• Various other installation issues?

Then, you should have them attend Generac Power for Profits 1™ (Residential Generators).

The participant will receive various support & take-away materials including a Learner’s Guide, Sizing Guide, Slide Rule, Vehicle Sticker, Sales Process Guide, and consumer brochures.

The cost of this class is only $99! The payback is immediate!

Generators offer a tremendous sales and margin opportunity, and an ongoing service revenue source for your business. These 4-hour courses are being offered in the following geographies and run from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM US Eastern.

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The course is facilitated by Generac factory trainers, and is ideal for your technicians new to generator sales and installation or those technicians that need updating on the current product offerings or features, and specifically reviews:

• The residential market overview;
• The Generac Guardian Series™ and Optimus Series™ Air-Cooled Generator product offering;
• Conducting the in-home survey;
• Site preparation;
• Sizing the generator using NEC220, Part IV;
• Correctly sizing and installing the fuel lines;
• Making the electrical connections in the air-cooled generators, panels, and transfer switch;
• Making the connections necessary to manage selected loads, “Load Shedding”; and,
• Testing the system to ensure proper operation


CapitalTristate is an Electrical Distributor in the Mid Atlantic.