Lighting Technology Update Seminar

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Think you can wait until “later” to learn about LED lighting? Think again…


WARNING: LED Lighting Is Here to Stay. Don’t Get Left Behind.


Give Us Just 1 Day … and We’ll Get You Up to Speed on the Very Latest in LED Lighting Technology & Applications

“I believe this will be very helpful securing work with my company. So many people installing LED don’t understand how it works, so they can’t effectively market.”

~ Shawn Parks, Wayne J. Griffin Electric

Have you been putting off learning more about LED lighting until “later” … such as when you HAVE to learn about it?

Heads up: That time is NOW.

You Can’t Afford to Ignore LED Lighting Anymore


LED lighting is no longer a trend that only early adopters care about. It’s here to stay — and it’s caught on far faster than anyone anticipated even a few years ago. In fact…

  • Ten years ago, only 5% of manufacturers’ production was LED products. Today, production is 70% LED fixtures.
  • And just five years ago, less than 5% of jobs specified LED lighting. Today … 90% of jobs specify LED lighting.

The bottom line? If you don’t understand LED lighting … you will be obsolete in a few short years.

If you don’t want to end up as irrelevant as pagers, rotary phones, and VCRs … it’s time to take action.

The Lighting Technology Update Seminar — Your Crash Course in LED


Capital Electric’s popular, award-winning Lighting Technology Update Seminar is back with new presentations, topics, and updates dedicated to helping you successfully navigate the evolving world of LED lighting.

This rapid-fire event provides the knowledge and tools essential to good decision making. If you don’t have time to keep abreast of the almost daily changes in this fast-paced technology, the Lighting Technology Update Seminar is a highly informative and interesting way to get — and stay — up to speed on the latest in LED lighting, its benefits, challenges, and possibilities.

Who Should Attend


Lighting Technology Update Seminar delivers valuable knowledge and skills to anyone who is impacted by and/or interested in LED lighting technology, including:

  • Electrical contractors
  • Building supervisors
  • Plant maintenance managers and directors
  • Facility managers at schools, healthcare facilities, and government institutions
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Lighting designers
  • Building inspectors
  • Building committees and department managers

How You’ll Benefit


Are You an Electrical Contractor? Here’s Why You Should Attend:

  • Be better able to advise your clients, who trust you to be the expert.
  • Understand what benefits your customers want from LED lighting … so you can help them specify what to use.
  • Position yourself as a leader – and be able to charge more for your expertise.
  • Understand the limitations and challenges you’ll face with LED lighting … so you can be ready if they arise
  • Know how to navigate the potential pitfalls of LED retrofit applications.
  • Avoid getting left behind. LED lighting is here to stay — and knowing specifications is rapidly becoming critical knowledge.
  • Improve your ability to proactively sell even more to existing customers.
  • Gain the satisfaction of knowing that you’re at the top of your game — and industry.
  • Boost your confidence when consulting with clients…because knowledge is value


NOT an Electrical Contractor? You’ll Still Benefit by Attending:

  • Understand why LED lighting has caught on so quickly … and the advantages it offers over traditional lighting.
  • Discover how using LED lighting can positively (or negatively) impact the environment you’re in … whether it’s used in an office, classroom, hospital or other application.
  • Gain clarity on the limitations of LED lighting … and the possible problems that might come up during retrofit installations.
  • Learn how LED lighting can impact human health and behavior — and what to specify to achieve the results you want.
  • Boost your confidence in talking to electrical contractors and understanding what they’re telling you.
  • Know what to look for when choosing an electrical contractor for an LED lighting installation. (Hint: they, too, should understand everything you’ll learn at this seminar!)

What You’ll Discover


In this fast-paced, information-packed daylong seminar, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving world of LED lighting – and make good decisions about LED lighting applications.

It’s 2019- Do You Know Where Your Lighting Is?

The calendar seems to fly by these days.  But the one thing that is probably moving even faster is the progression of solid-state lighting.

In this eye-opening industry overview, Bob Preston, LC, Lighting & Energy Specialist for Capital Electric, will help set the stage for the rest of the day. Discover:

  • The current state of lighting in 2019
  • Must-know advancements in LED technology
  • Industry trends for the future … and how these will impact your business — and life
  • The best opportunities for retrofit
  • How LED impacts energy usage
  • And much more


Fifty Shades of White (Light), Tracking Assets (and You), and More From LED

The “solid-state” aspect of LED lighting has opened a whole new realm of possibilities for using this technology in ways not previously possible. In this presentation, Bill O’Connell, LC, LEED AP with Eaton Lighting Solutions, will delve into:

  • The capabilities of LED lighting – and the real impacts it can have on humans in ways we’re just beginning to understand and appreciate
  • How numerous color-tuning technologies can positively impact human health, behavior, and productivity
  • Ways that LED luminaires can be used to enhance things like your shopping experience – and even impact the cost of healthcare
  • Several of the newest technologies … including how they work, how to install and operate them, and what this may mean for end users – and electrical contractors


Hiding in Plain Sight – Not So Obvious Characteristics of LED Lighting

The rapid adoption of LED lighting has resulted some unanticipated (and unintended) performance by-products that still plague many common everyday installations.  Bob and Bill will dig into some of the most vexing issues related to LED, including:

  • Why challenges are particularly acute when retrofitting existing applications – and what to anticipate
  • Why flicker, a common characteristic of LED, has come under renewed scrutiny
  • What flicker is and why it occurs
  • Different ways that flicker might show up show up … and the possible impacts it can have
  • Why dimming of LED lighting is so technically challenging – especially when replacing lamps
  • Possible failure scenarios you may encounter with LED dimming
  • Proven solutions and tested tips for reducing dimming problems


Lighting Lexicon – Talking The Talk

What are Ra, Rf, Rg, and R9? And what do they mean? Do you know that PAR is an identical abbreviation for two entirely different and unrelated things in lighting? Is there a difference between a luminaire and a fixture, or a lamp and a bulb? We’ll explain some of those annoying abbreviations and terms to help you “talk the talk” when it comes to understanding lighting better.

Beyond the Electric Bill – Other LED Lighting Benefits

Up until now, the catalyst driving the development of solid-state lighting has been its energy-saving potential.  However, LED has opened some new possibilities that may change the way we use lighting and the luminaires that produce it. We’ll explore:

  • Emerging LED lighting technologies and the most common applications
  • How these new applications may touch our daily lives now and in the future
  • Why energy savings is no longer the whole story when it comes to LED lighting
  • Ways that your world – and the planet – may be directly impacted by emerging LED technologies


At Chesapeake, Richmond, and Charlottesville, VA Sessions only-

“Lighting Controls:  It’s All About Choices and Making the Right One”

Lighting Controls.  The very mention can strike fear in many of us.  The sheer number of options can lead to confusion, frustration, and decision paralysis.   David Aderhold, Design & Applications, L.W. French/Lutron, will lead this tour through the lighting controls landscape, designed to give you the confidence to use controls.  He’ll discuss establishing the objective for controls. Energy savings? Code? Aesthetics? Or some combination? What about types of controls? Digital, Analog, Wired, Wireless, Distributed, Centralized?  How about installation? the choices can be daunting. But this presentation will help you to embrace lighting controls, from the simplest sensor to an integrated panel. And lose the fear!

Why Past Attendees Rave About This Event


“It’s a great informative class.”

~ Bobby Wilson, Bobby Wilson Electric Co. Inc.

“Very informative presenters and topics.”

~ Michael Locklear, M-R Electric & Security Alarms Inc.


“A very informative training about an industry that is constantly changing. I learned a lot about the LED industry. I have been reluctant to ‘get on board’ the LED Market due to the many changes over the years.”

~ Thomas Hernson, Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority


“Seminar was well-planned and executed with care.”

~ Tim Turner, T&T Technology, Inc.


“Second seminar for me — excellent presentations and content.”

~ Ron Sears, Electrical & Lighting Solutions, Inc.


“Very good presentation with informative and valuable content.”

~ Guang “Steve” Shi, Ajax Contracting LLC


“Great training and very informative on the inner workings of LED.”

~ LaShawn Carroll, Progress Lighting



About the Instructors

William “Bill” O’Connell

William O’Connell
William “Bill” O’Connell, LC, LEED AP is a Regional Specification Sales Manager for Eaton’s Lighting Division, formerly known as Cooper Lighting. In addition to responsibility for sales of specification lighting products, Bill also serves as a technical resource for Eaton’s rep agencies, as well as lighting designers, engineering firms, specifiers, and end users, educating them on new lighting products and technologies. Bill has more than 20 years of experience in the lighting industry. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Optics from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology along with a minor in Computer Science and a German Technical Translators Certificate. Bill began his career with OSRAM SYLVANIA in 1994 as an Optical Engineer designing optical systems for car headlamps, tail lamps and turn signals. After transferring to OSRAM SYLVANIA’s general lighting division, Bill was awarded two patents, one technical and one design, for the design of SYLVANIA’s SPL optical system which shapes a halogen PAR lamp’s light to provide a more even, high quality distribution across a broad area.

In 2008, Bill moved out into the field with OSRAM SYLVANIA as a Commercial Engineer working with lighting designers, end users, distributors, utilities, and other lighting influencers, as well as providing technical support to field sales personnel throughout the Mid-Atlantic – a position he held until 2017 when he joined Eaton.

Lighting Certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), Bill is also LEED AP certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. He is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America and regularly presents on lighting applications and advances,light sources, legislation and regulation, among other topics.

Robert A. Preston, LC

Robert A. Preston, LC

Bob Preston is an Energy & Lighting Specialist with the Energy & Maintenance Services team for Capital Electric. Bob is Lighting Certified by the National Council on QualificatiRobert A. “Bob” Preston, LC, IES is an Energy & Lighting Specialist with the Energy Solutions Group for Capital Electric. Bob is Lighting Certified by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) and is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES). He has been with Capital Electric for 30 years in a variety of roles including electronics and test & measurement and has been specializing in lighting since 2006.

Bob supports energy efficient lighting activities throughout Capital Electric. He also coordinates utility incentive programs for the sales team and their customers, with particular focus on western MD and Pennsylvania. Over the last ten years, Bob has spearheaded educational lighting seminars across all of Capital Electric’s market area. Hundreds of customers and employees have attended these award-winning events which have focused on the latest advancements in energy efficient lighting technology. Bob specializes in the more technical aspects of lighting applications, particularly in the rapidly developing LED marketplace.


Missed our sessions this year?


Add your name to our VIP Notification List, and we’ll email you once registration opens for our fall seminars.

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