On-Demand Classes and Seminars through CapitalTristate

On-Demand Classes and Seminars through CapitalTristate

Customers now have the ability to schedule group training sessions to be held at your convenience. Put on a class for your employees, or get together with co-workers and friends in the industry to take advantage of an opportunity to advance your career!

On Demand Training Available at CapitalTristate

We offer a wide range of topics including:

• National Electrical Code
• Exam Prep
• Thermal Imaging
• Grounding and Bonding
• Construction Law
• Safety Training

On Demand classes require a 20 person minimum in order to run and are subject to instructor availability. Prices may vary based on location and other factors for each training class presented by CapitalTristate.

For more information on what CapitalTristate can do for your career advancement and knowledge, call Brianna Addison at 301-909-6567 or email marketing@capitaltristate.com.



For more information about the services and products we offer, visit www.capitaltristate.com

CapitalTristate is now an International Code Council (ICC) “Preferred Education Provider”. Our 2017 NEC Analysis of Changes Course is now an ICC approved course.

CapitalTristate is an ICC Preferred Education Provider