Schneider Electric TeSys Combination Motor Controllers

Schneider Electric TeSys Combination Motor Controllers

TeSys N Self-Protected Combination Motor Controls deliver efficient, robust and reliable performance with the smallest footprints in the industry. The TeSys N Controller also features a large side-mounted safety switch-style disconnect handle and easy-access hinged starter mounting for labor-saving installation, wiring, and maintenance.

Robust performance

  • Durable NEMA Sizes 00, 0, and 1
  • Long-lasting NEMA Type 1, 12/3R painted steel, and 4/4x stainless steel enclosures
  • Designed for full voltage non-reversing and full voltage reversing motor control applications
  • Rated 65 kA at 480V Wye, with an option of 130 kA at 480 V Delta, according to UL® 508 Type E
  • The UL® self-protected designation allows the current limiting motor starter to restart immediately after a fault is cleared

Efficient design

  • Space-saving design featuring the smallest footprints on the market
  • Five times more energy-efficient than legacy starters
  • Enclosures featuring quick-release cover latches for efficient installation
  • Can be connected to a variety of communication networks

Easy to choose, install and use

  • Complies with common specifications and standards; NEMA, UL and CSA
  • Easy-to-use side-mounted disconnect handle has a familiar feel for ease of access into the enclosure
  • Starter is mounted on a unique swing-out hinge for superior access for labor-saving installation, wiring, and maintenance
  • Last-minute changes to match motor full load currents do not require tools and are as easy as setting the dial


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