Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard

Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard

The new Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard will change the way you install panelboards.  Its simple, innovative design uses a smaller footprint, and since you install just one panelboard instead of two, you can save on installation time, labor expenses, and material costs.

When retail space, offices, and commercial buildings need additional lighting circuits or amperage, you may find it more efficient and less time-consuming to pull the old boxes and install one I-Line Combo Panelboard.

Since the new Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard interior fits into the same box as the classic I-Line Panelboard, it maintains the same footprint. This gives you a retrofitting opportunity to install the I-Line Combo Panelboard and provide customers with more shelf space in retail or additional office space i repurposed buildings. The design lets you create a flexible, fully customized solution to match your customers’ power needs without reducing valuable space.

This innovative design requires up to 40 percent less space than a traditional I-Line and NF and/or NQ lighting panelboards configuration. Offer your customers more space to sell, more room for inventory, and more office space for business. Whether it is a brand-new site or a project requiring a electrical distribution update, the Square D I-Line Combo Panelboard seamlessly integrates to offer a simple, flexible, and innovative solution.


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