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State lines may be just lines on a map, but they have big implications on contractors. There are tens of thousands of contractors who operate within 25 miles of another state. In areas like the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic United States, there are contractors who operate in 3 or more states. Here are some challenges contractors face working in multiple states.

Twitter is a 24/7/365 platform for all of the news of the world. The construction industry is covered, like any other industry, in depth. You can learn about code changes & updates, revenues, mergers, Bills being passed, and anything else related to construction. Following the right sources for this information is critical. Here are some of the best sources of construction industry information on Twitter. Contractors of all kinds can benefit by staying up to date!

The popular professional services review website Angie's List is now offering free access for consumers to all business ratings & reviews. This is a game changer when it comes to the construction industry. Here's why.

As we mentioned in our 9 Shocking Truths about Electricians blog, there are over 566,000 electricians in the United States. They may not be paid like doctors, but they keep us all alive & well by remembering & respecting hundreds of safety codes and regulations. These electricians work hard to bring the old world up to date and build the new world from scratch, all while keeping the power on. Here are 11 reasons you need an electrician in your life right now.