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State lines may be just lines on a map, but they have big implications on contractors. There are tens of thousands of contractors who operate within 25 miles of another state. In areas like the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic United States, there are contractors who operate in 3 or more states. Here are some challenges contractors face working in multiple states.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the number of electricians in the United States at over 566,000. This noble and critical profession employs some of the hardest working individuals in the work force. Everyone knows being an electrician can be a dangerous job, but here are 9 shocking truths about electricians you might not know.

How Contractors can Capitalize on Social Media

There’s more than a few ways you can find a contractor in 2015. Which one is most popular you ask? There is not a single correct answer to that question. The typical person looking for a contractor realizes how important it is to make the right choice. There is a lot of money and frustration on the line. Many people will use any and all means at their disposal to check on a potential contractor before even giving them a call.

Twitter is a 24/7/365 platform for all of the news of the world. The construction industry is covered, like any other industry, in depth. You can learn about code changes & updates, revenues, mergers, Bills being passed, and anything else related to construction. Following the right sources for this information is critical. Here are some of the best sources of construction industry information on Twitter. Contractors of all kinds can benefit by staying up to date!

Being a successful contractor in 2016 will be more complicated than ever before. There are more regulations and ways to earn business than ever before. It's important that you know what you need to do and how to operate safely within the rules. As an Electrical Distributor, CapitalTristate is committed to providing its customers with the information and guidance they need to be successful at what they do.
The popular professional services review website Angie's List is now offering free access for consumers to all business ratings & reviews. This is a game changer when it comes to the construction industry. Here's why.
A Contractor values their tools. They allow them to do their job and make life easier on a daily basis. Marketing tools should be valued just as highly. They have the ability to generate consistent leads and sales. You won't have any work to do with your toolbox if you don't utilize the marketing tools at your disposal to bring in new business.

Every three years the National Fire Protection Association comes out with a new National Electrical Code.  This 2014 NEC is up to date with hundreds of significant changes from the 2011 version. Electrical professionals have the responsibility to ensure a safe code-compliant system that is...

As we mentioned in our 9 Shocking Truths about Electricians blog, there are over 566,000 electricians in the United States. They may not be paid like doctors, but they keep us all alive & well by remembering & respecting hundreds of safety codes and regulations. These electricians work hard to bring the old world up to date and build the new world from scratch, all while keeping the power on. Here are 11 reasons you need an electrician in your life right now.