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Coming this Fall! Date TBD. This trade show is ideal for Design Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Fluid Engineers, Commodity Buyers, Production and Process Control Engineers and other industrial professionals who require OEM parts and components for heavy mobile equipment!...

Do you have the power to be the best electrician in the nation? Being an electrician requires skills, knowledge & coordination. Use your skills to compete for over $500,000 in cash & prizes!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the number of electricians in the United States at over 566,000. This noble and critical profession employs some of the hardest working individuals in the work force. Everyone knows being an electrician can be a dangerous job, but here are 9 shocking truths about electricians you might not know.

A single Arc Flash incident can change lives forever. An Arc Flash is an electrical explosion that can severely injure or kill workers. It happens when energy is released due to a fault occurring in an electrical circuit. A tremendous amount of energy is released, causing severe burns, shrapnel injuries, eye damage, hearing loss, & toxic fume inhalation. There are ways to limit the risk and put safety first. Are you doing what is needed to stay safe?

CapitalTristate Expo 2016 is a free Industrial and Commercial Electrical Trade Show taking place on September 14th, 2016. It is happening at Martin's West in Windsor Mill, Maryland from 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider exhibiting at this year's CapitalTristate Expo.

As we mentioned in our 9 Shocking Truths about Electricians blog, there are over 566,000 electricians in the United States. They may not be paid like doctors, but they keep us all alive & well by remembering & respecting hundreds of safety codes and regulations. These electricians work hard to bring the old world up to date and build the new world from scratch, all while keeping the power on. Here are 11 reasons you need an electrician in your life right now.

eCommerce: Serving Your Need for Speed and More!

Mobile apps and ordering online have expanded and quickened the pace of business, providing products and excellent customer service at the click of a button. CapitalTristate.com offers eCommerce to account holders specifically because our customers are entitled to the advantages presented when using this exciting tool to satisfy their business needs. eCommerce is stacked with benefits!

Here is the Line Card from CapitalTristate! You can download the link or click on the pictures below to get more information. 2015 CapitalTristate Linecard ...